The business and affairs of Aprica Healthcare are managed under the oversight of the company’s Board of Directors. The company’s bylaws and corporate governance principles detail certain of the Directors’ duties, rights and responsibilities.

Currently, the Board has different committees, each operating pursuant to a written charter and Standard Operational Policies.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other senior leaders oversee management of company business. Under the guidance of the CEO different committees carried Day – to – Day conduct of Aprica Healthcare business at its principal office at Ahmedabad. Duties and standards of conduct for employees, officers and directors are set forth in the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, as well as in the Code of Ethics for the CEO, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Corporate Controller (CC).


Mr. Maharshi Vyas

With immense perspective of envisioning, he instills tremendously positive attitude in every one of surroundings. He has the preeminent convincing power, an influential prominence on motivation and relationship building with resilient moral principles and core values on which he aspires on building a powerful organization.

He emphasizes on providing unceasing patronage and drives motivation in each Aprican. He has directed the organization’s astonishing evolution while shielding and escalating its distinctively creative and innovative culture. Aprica’s triumph and victorious position is result of his execution of effective, calculated and premeditated entrepreneurial steps.

He believes in Vnnovation, which empowers the team and heartens everyone to come forward and take ingenious duties along with facing challenges. His vision is to attain growth with optimistic focus to work beyond limits that has given a novel direction to the entire Team Aprica.


Mr. Maulik Pandya

He is a zealous professional who is always willing to attain new statures of the company and discover novel corporate avenues. His pioneering marketing ideas and innovative philosophies has taken Aprica to the new heights. He takes care of Aprica’s operations, growth, revenue generation, expansion, investments; and also manages the administration of Aprica.

He directs overall management in line with planning the trend of Aprica through numerous activities for proactive development. In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved in every departments of the company.

He plays a key role in shaping policies concerning the company’s success and path for further development. His energies have made Aprica fastest growing healthcare company in short span of time. He believes in finding the right talent, giving them the right platform and always supports them; and thereby making the work culture vibrant for each Aprican.