For the Community

ALPHA to DELTA: A Mission in itself
A mission to deliver the foremost healthcare tools to patients for each aspect of their needs. It is to help in creating a bridge between a Doctor and a Patient through a mixture of advanced NextGen technology and Healthy Lifestyle Modifications so that we can pour life and make their world a better tomorrow.


ATC: Aprica Triage Clinic
“Heart Attack: in the heart of ignorance”
An initiative taken by Aprica with a view to reduce cardiac mortality & to save more lives through early diagnosis of Heart Attack, MI etc. Triage is a device to diagnose heart-attacks early within a fraction of minutes and enables clinicians to start the treatment as early as possible. It is USFDA approved insightful device for ultimate betterment of patients. It exhibits that patient is at Aprica’s HEART and what it really matters to us.


ABPM – an IDEA, initiative to create more awareness about the 24hrs BP monitoring. it has been recommended by various guidelines like European Society of Hypertension(ESH) and British Society of Hypertension (BSH). Nowadays, more Clinicians recommend patients for the 24hrs Blood Pressure measurement and which helps clinicians manage Hypertensive patients effectively.
An IDEA of round the clock BP measurement with USFDA approved ABPM device justifies our“Think the patient first” concept and makes us patient centric organisation in true manner.


Live Healthy With Diabetes:
India is known as a diabetic Capital of the world and Diabetic population in India has doubled in last 15 years. Aprica has brought the campaign “Live Healthy with Diabetes” for T1DM patients. Under this campaign, Aprica will be trying to reach out T1DM patients in different cities of India and make them understand that it’s easy to live healthy with Diabetes if you’re determined to bring some modifications in your lifestyle.


It’s an initiative taken by Aprica to change the definition of Diabetes prevalence in India. Being a patient centric Organization, patients reside at core of Aprica and are benefitted by CND camps under the initiative which is a part of our CSR activity.
We regularly conduct camps for Diabetic and hypertensive patients in different cities of India and through which we strive to achieve goal of reducing the overall national burden of Diabetes and Hypertension across the country