Introducing INDAT…:

INdian Data Analysis Tool

One of the biggest challenges faced by clinicians in current time is to maintain Analysis Data of each patient they diagnose. These data is an essential asset for Doctors, Researches and Scientists to Study Drug Reactions and Adverse Effects.

iNDAT, one of Aprica’s Initiative; provides a platform where one can store an entire portfolio of his/her patient which includes Personal Profile & Past History, Diagnosis, Test Results & Analysis, Ongoing Medications and so on…Once stored, the data will be there for the life time on infinite cloud space of Aprica.

iNDAT is mainly focused on two major attributes, Ease Access and Ease Analysis. One can access the data at any point of time through a personalized touch and it gives you an entire profile of a patient in a specifically designed and regulated format so that you can get the analysis be quickly done.

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